Dallas Audio Video Installation

Why do our corporate clients choose Kore? Because we deliver the highest fidelity audio, video, and electronic component integration to our clients by customizing a unique solution just for them. As a result, efficiency and productivity increase while also providing the most current technological trends and creating the perfect environment for staff and clients alike.

Our goal is to assist each corporation (small, medium, and large) in being their one and only solution to their Low Voltage and Technology Needs. What problem can we solve?

    • Audio

    The right acoustics drives passion, excitement, laughter, sadness, fear, as well as emotions. Sound is power and harmony. “It’s not just what you listen to but how it looks that makes all the difference in the world.” We bring style and simplicity to your office because it’s not only how it sounds when it’s turned on but it’s just as important how it looks when it’s turned off.  

    • Cameras and Security

    (A sense of Security = Harmony). Let us bring security to your office. Cameras, Access Control, Monitoring, etc.

    • Conferencing

    Kore can create an effective meeting space through web and video conferencing, allowing companies to communicate in modern ways, providing a powerful solution to stand in the place of traditional meetings. 

    • Landscape

     It’s no longer about just the inside, (i.e. Patios, Wedding Lawns, Walkways, etc.) Outdoor Weatherproof Video Solutions

    • Lighting, Shades and Automation

    Imagine being able to combine your audio/video, security cameras, lighting, and air conditioning system, etc. all on one easy to control system. Our CEDIA certified installers are the best in system automation which is why you’ll feel confident in knowing that we install it right the first time and we make it easy for you to operate.

    • Networking and Cellular

    We work closely with both Internal and External IT companies in order to help maximize your networking efficiency. Whether we install Wireless Access Points throughout your offices to better your WIFI Coverage or we work to enhance your Cellular Coverage throughout your facility.  Either way, your communication is directly connected to the success of your company.

    • Video

    Video Walls, TV’s, Projection Screens and Projectors

    • Wiring/Cabling

    The backbone of every company is built on the low voltage cabling and wiring.  It is the foundation by which all technology is driven. (WIFI, Video, Audio, Ethernet, Telephone, Cameras, Access Control, Shades, etc.).  We provide our clients with the best design and implementation in the industry.

Our Clients Include:

  • Churches and houses of worship
  • Corporations of all sizes
  • Corporate training venues
  • Complete office buildings and office complexes
  • Country Clubs
  • Hotel and restaurant chains
  • Medical and healthcare facilities
  • Shopping malls and retail establishments
  • Sports facilities and sports related venues

Request a Quote for your commercial project by clicking on the link below. You can schedule an on-site consultation and turn your next event, meeting, sales pitch or presentation into a vibrant electronic audio-visual aid for your products and services.