Lighting Control Dallas

Have you ever wondered how you can enhance the quality of your life at home especially during COVID? At Kore, our mission is to create a solution whereby you will experience music, movies, and TV like never before. Our skilled professionals will solve your remote-control issues, eliminate the frustration of unsightly wires while making it easy for you to control the audio/video and/or lighting throughout your home. We will personally transform your vision into a work of art and your perfect home entertainment venue. Kore can also design and implement any outdoor living space into the perfect vacation space in your own backyard.

    • Automation

    Imagine being able to combine your audio/video, security cameras, lighting, and A/C, etc. all on one easy to control system. Our CEDIA certified installers are the best in home automation which is why you’ll feel confident in knowing that we install it right the first time and we make it easy for you to operate. Take control of your home whether you are home or not.

    • Audio

    The right acoustics and music drives passion, excitement, laughter, sadness, fear, as well as emotions. Sound is power and harmony. “It’s not just what you listen to but how it looks that makes all the difference in the world.”

    • Home Office

    COVID Changed our home life and our professional life.  We can create a home officing solution for you and your family.  

    • Internet/Networking – This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your home.

    Let us design a proper networking design that will allow you and your family to your WIFI and Enternet to stream music, movies, work and play.  We will solve your networking coverage and speed to ensure your home technology experience is the best.

    • Lighting

    This is one of the most desired features for homeowners in our society.  Everything from Colored Lights to Dimming Solutions.  Front Yard and Back Yard.  We can help you create a custom package that will enhance the beauty of your home.

    • Landscape and Outdoor AV Systems

    Nothing is more fun than playing outside. We will create a lifestyle that suites your most incredible desires for your outdoor living spaces. From Video to Landscape Audio Systems to Lighting.  We will have as much fun as you successfully designing the paradise that you want.

    • Video

    TV’s are no longer something that we want to cover up and hide. We can now experience beyond what is just an imagination. We represent the best and most reliable video products to ensure your visual enjoyment.  Weather it’s a FRAME TV or an ultrathin TV for your Living Room.  Over the fireplace or custom installation.  Large TV’s or Theater Rooms. We do it all.

    • Wiring/Cabling

    A cluttered dwelling results in a cluttered mind, which equals stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and confusion. Kore (=) no more wires which (=) no more clutter which means peace and harmony.

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